Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with the third and fourth graders.  We played the wiggle game (ask your kids) and began talking about Passover.  Students used the knowledge from their homework reading to begin answering questions about Pesach.  At the end of the day, the kids went to the Library and heard the story of the Carp in the Bathtub!

Fifth graders completed their work on the "65 Years, 65 Visions" project for Federation.  They also talked about the meaning of the the Mi Chamocha and listened to the story, "The Curse of Blessings" by Mitchell Chefitz which incorporates the Sheheyanu.  Homework is to complete the B'Nei Mitzvah interviews for the 20th.

The sixth graders worked on translating as they read Hebrew in class.  They have been working on reading in pairs, groups and independently and making good progress in their Hebrew text books.  The group discussed their homework questions: Why do Jews care about Social Justice? and How do Jews pursue Social Justice?

The seventh grade watched more of the movie, Defiance and continued with their Hebrew root work.  They reviewed this week's Parshat, Hashavuah Kedoshim, and began reviewing the Haggadah in preparation for Passover.

All students were lucky enough to meet with Assaf, one of our Israeli Emissaries, as he taught the children about the flora and fauna of Israel.  It was a busy and productive day!

Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

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