Sunday, March 24, 2013

Model Seder Sunday

We had a wonderful time during today's model Seder!  Prior to the Seder, the first and second graders practiced the Barchu and Shema in preparation for their presentation during Tefillah this upcoming Sunday.  The second graders made cups for Elijah and the first graders kept working in their Hebrew text books and heard the story, "The Four Questions."

Third and fourth graders practiced the Four Questions for the model Seder and heard the remainder of the Passover story in class.  Fifth graders prepared their Dayenu presentation, talked about Nashon, heroes, and began work on their V'Ahavatah presentation for Tefillah in two weeks.  Sixth graders worked on their skit on the four children for the Seder and answered questions about their recent reading in their "Let Freedom Ring" textbook.  Seventh graders reviewed the Amidah in conjunction with their study of the roots and suffixes they have been using in class.  They also prepared their skit for the model Seder and watched more of the movie Defiance.

Eighth graders played the game "Hidden Treasures of Assets," a board game that highlights ethics and personal skill sets.  The Ninth grade confirmation class continued to prepare for their Confirmation service and discussed holidays, timelines and the cyclical nature of our calendar.

The Model Seder was a wonderful experience and I was so glad to be a part of it!  Please enjoy these pictures from the Seder!  A big thanks to Karen Redlich and our various parent volunteers who helped to cook, clean, organize our special events!

Please remember that we do not have Religious School this Wednesday for Passover, but will have class a week from now on March 31st.

-Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

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