Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The First day of Spring

Well, it might have felt like the middle of the winter, but today is the first day of spring!

Sixth graders prepared for Sunday's model Seder by working on a short presentation on the four children's questions.  They wrote a short script on what each child, the wicked, the simple, etc would ask during a Seder after reading a story about the children.  Students also practiced reading the questions in Hebrew.  As a special treat, two students wrote a song about Passover!  It was awesome and I hope that everyone gets a chance to hear it on Sunday!

Fifth graders continued to work on the Mi Chamocha and discussed their results of the B'Nei Mitzvah interviews they have been conducting over the last couple of weeks.  They went to the library and heard the story of "The Carp in the Bathtub" and were given time to look for books to borrow.  Homework is to complete the bottoms of pages 52 and 54 in the Home Hebrew Workbook.

Third and fourth graders began their day by practicing the Four Questions for the Passover Seder and read the Plagues and elements on the Seder plate in Hebrew.  They listened to "The Illustrated Jewish Bible for Children" in class, hearing Exodus 1-8, the story of Moses up to the second plague (FROGS!)  Homework is to practice the Hebrew related to Pesach that was reviewed in class.

The seventh graders reviewed the Amidah as well as the roots and suffixes they have been practicing in class.  In preparation for Passover, they reviewed the Four Questions and told the story of Passover.  They continued watching the movie "Defiance" in class today as well.

We are very excited about our Model Seder this Sunday morning during Religious School at 10:30 am.  Students will participate in an abbreviated Seder led by Rabbi Offner and partake in the items on the Seder plate!  We encourage students to bring their Seder plate from home, if it is one which is safe and easy to travel with.  

At this point you should have received a punchbowl invitation via email for the Seder.  If not, please contact me via email so I can pass it along to you!  If you are interested in bringing Charoset, please remember that it must be nut free.  Please see the picture below for some nut free recipes (not all are nut free) from Stop and Shop's Passover flyer.

We also need parents to help set up and clean up for the Seder, so if you'd prefer to help in this way, we'd love to have you come!  The more the merrier!  If the item you were hoping to bring is already accounted for, please let me know and I will coordinate extra items that we may need.

Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide with cooking, purchasing, preparing and/or cleaning!  The Seder will be a success thanks to your involvement and generosity.  

Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

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