Wednesday, March 6, 2013

First Wednesday of March!

Sixth grade discussed the differences between branches Judaism, reviewing Reform Judaism, Conservative Judaism and Orthodoxy.  Students also worked on reading Hebrew in class.  I was lucky to spend some time working with the students.  They were able work on perfecting their pronunciation and took turns reading the words.  I was quite impressed when I heard the students put everything together and read as a class.  Homework is to read chapter 7 from the "Let Freedom Ring" textbook.

The seventh graders kept up with their work on Hebrew roots and used their Prayer Companion workbook to study the Kedushat Hayom.  Students watched some of the movie "Defiance" in class.  Additionally, students completed a handout on Parshat Hashuvuah Pekudai.

Fifth graders worked on the vowel, kamatz katan, as they read the V'ahavtah and talked about the various ways to show love for G-d as described in the prayer.  For the lifecycle focus, students learned about and reflected on conversion to Judaism.  For homework, students should read their Hebrew book, Mastery and Meaning (page 47) two times with a parent signature, they should complete pages 46 and 48 in the book and can begin their Bar/Bat/B'nei Mitzvah interview or continue to try to find and interviewee.

The third and fourth graders started learning parts of the body in Hebrew and began to talk about Passover. Students then went to the library and heard the story, "The Four Questions" by Lynne Sharon Schwartz.  Homework is for students to bring in their book reports and practice and learn the body parts in Hebrew.

As a reminder, we "Spring Forward" this Saturday night/Sunday morning, so be sure to set your clock ahead so you aren't late for Religious School this weekend!

-Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

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