Sunday, May 5, 2013

Special Sunday with Guest Speakers, Joshua Nelson and Sixth grade participation at Tefillah

What an incredible day today!!!!

Each class had some time to prepare a bit in their classrooms prior to the start of the Silidker Music weekend presentation.


Seventh and Eighth graders met with some Vista members to get a better understanding and discuss the Jewish perspective on learning disabilities.  Students listened to essays written by the Vista members and then engaged in conversation with the Vista members.  They all seemed to find the presentation to be informative and interesting. During Tefillah, our sixth graders presented the Mi Chamocha to our TBTRS community and remained on the bimah to help lead our group in the Avot and G'Vurot.

At ten we all met in the sanctuary to listen to Joshua Nelson and Chad Thorp!  It was an amazing experience that can't be described with just words!  Please take a look at the pictures and videos from today to get a taste of what our students experienced!

Thanks again for another amazing day!!!!

-Miss Nancy Kahrimanis