Sunday, March 3, 2013

A little bit of Purim a little bit after Purim!

Today was a fun and creative day that culminated in the super fun Adar-nival!

The Confirmation class met with Mr. Babbin again to continue to discuss various Jewish texts, and interpreting their meaning in modern day life.  The eighth graders spoke about Medical ethics, considering the ramifications of DNR orders and euthanasia in a Jewish context.

Seventh graders started their day making groggers for our Megillah reading and then worked on their hebrew roots and the Kedushat Hayom.  Students also began watching "Defiance."

Sixth graders also worked on root words and played a game with the meanings of each of the roots they studied.  After their Hebrew work, the kids made groggers and though there was a bit of a lentil explosion, they made some spectacular noisemakers!

Fifth graders started their day making groggers and I must say, they had more variety in their work than I could have imagined.  After their creative work, the kids talked about lifecycle and Jewish life elements and events like conversions and kosher laws.

The fourth and third graders finished the creation of their Megillat Esther, made their group bracha costume and exchanged mishloach manot.

The second graders were super busy, working on the letter vav in their Hebrew workbooks and getting ready for Passover!  They started working on the blessings and prayers from the Haggadah.  They have plans to make Elijah's cup and an afikomen bag!  They also managed to make their groggers today too!  Those are some hard working second graders!!!

The first grade class talked about the story of Purim, and even got to visit the library to hear a Purim story!  In class, they made groggers and colored some Purim papers!

Students in almost every class dressed up for the occasion.  Some great costumes are pictured below!

Thanks for your participation in celebrating this "second chance" holiday with us, especially if you weren't able to join us last week for Purim!

-Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

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