Sunday, March 17, 2013

Passover is getting closer!

First and second graders began getting ready for Passover by designing pillow cases.  As you know, we recline during the Passover Seder and our first and second graders now have personalized Seder pillow cases for the holiday, just add a pillow from their bed!

Not only did the first graders design pillows, but they also got to visit the library where they heard the story "I love Passover" by Maryiln Hersch.  Once they were back in the classroom, finishing up their pillow cases, they heard "The Story of Passover" by Rabbi Francis Barry Silberg.

The second graders worked on the Hebrew letter Chet, practicing the pronunciation as well a writing the letter!  They practiced the four questions to prepare for Passover and talked about the holiday!

The third and fourth graders were in major Pesach mode!  They talked about the elements of the Seder plate in Hebrew, discussed the 10 Plagues and practiced the four questions.  They also turned in and posted their Body Parts pictures from last week!

Fifth graders also practiced the Four Questions, talked about the 4 children asking questions during the Seder, outlined differences between how Passover is celebrated in Israel vs. other parts of the world.  Students practiced reading the Mi Chamocha and heard Rabbi Lowe's story of the Golem!  Homework is to complete the B'Nei Mitzvah Interviews and read pages 47 & 51 in their Hebrew text books.

The sixth graders talked about the rituals and themes of Pesach and practiced the Four questions, also discussing the answers to the questions.  Students also discussed and debated evidence surrounding the literal aspects of the Passover story and how the elements of the story may have taken place.

The seventh graders continued their work with roots and used what they knew to complete phrases, such as they boys speak, the girls have faith,  the boy ate.  They reviewed the Hagaddah in preparation for Passover and practiced their presentation for today's Tefillah in which they shared the Avot and G'vurot with our Religious School community.

Eighth graders engaged in a meaningful discussion about the practice of Baptizing by proxy in some Mormon churches.  Students were able to hear information shared by their teacher who recently visited Utah and learned more about the LDS church.  Students also discussed their personal genealogy,  learning that most people in the class are from Russia, Poland and Romania.

The confirmation class began preparing for their Confirmation Service which is just a few weeks away.  The students plan to incorporate technology into their Service and started on their presentation today.

Parents, please be on the lookout for an email about next week's Model Seder.  In order to make this event a success, we need participation from everyone.  Please sign up to bring a food item via the punchbowl invitation you should have received earlier today.  I will send an additional email with more information tomorrow, but please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

-Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

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