Sunday, March 10, 2013


First graders made Challah today with Mrs. Siegel and their teacher aids!  They came out beautifully and the kids had a blast!  Back in class they read a story and then went to Tefillah!

Second graders were busy learning about Passover, going to music, to the library, working in the classroom on the Barchu and then finally joining the whole Religious school for Tefillah.

Third and fourth graders continued to practice the Hebrew names for body parts.  Students were even able to read the words without the vowels!  They also started to learn about Passover, reading in their Holiday books.

Fifth graders participated in the 65 years project for Federation and created two canvases celebrating the years of 1993 and 2007.  Though the fifth graders need to finish up their posters on Wednesday, they are really coming along.  Some students also met with teacher aids to interview them about when they became B'Nei Mitzvah.  They were fun and meaningful conversations for the fifth graders and mentors alike!

Sixth graders kept busy talking about Jewish involvement in US labor laws, talking about the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire and relating the struggles to Jewish concepts of Social Justice.  Students also worked on more Hebrew, practicing out loud and making great improvements.  Homework is to answer these questions, Why is Social Justice important to Judaism and How do we pursue Social Justice?

The seventh grade class used their knowledge of roots to interpret the prayers that they have been reading in class, including the Kedushat Hayom.  Students watched more of the movie Defiance, reviewed this week's Torah portion, Hashuvuah Kedoshim, and began going over the Haggadah in preparation for Passover.

Eighth grade participated in a discussion with their substitute Mrs. Calvert, about Jewish Heroes, highlighting notable Jews like Golda Meir, Sandy Koufax, Anne Frank, and others while discussion included the notion that inherent in heroic behavior is an element of sacrifice.

The Confirmation class met with Mr. Babbin to continue their studies and participate in discussion.

And, as always, music was a treat!

See you Wednesday!

-Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

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