Thursday, February 28, 2013

Game day Wednesday!

I was so excited to see everyone back at Religious School on Wednesday!  Our teachers planned many fun activities along with the regular classwork!

Seventh graders completed their afternoon Tefillah and reviewed the Megillat Esther by taking turns telling portions of the story.  The students did a beautiful job of telling the story in a fun and creative way!

Sixth graders played a game of "Jewpardy" in class, answer questions from categories like Purim Heroes, Numbers, Purim Customs, American Jewish History, and The Whole Megillah!

Students in sixth and seventh graders also visited the library answering questions from "The Great Jewish Quiz Book" and hearing the story, "A Purim Tale."

Fifth graders reviewed lifecycle events by playing Bingo with the various terms they have learned.  They also accepted the challenge of completing a very tricky Purim quiz!  Not only did students show off their knowledge, but they impressed me with their vocal chords as they blotted out Haman's name!

The third and fourth graders went to full on creative mode, making groggers in every shape and color and creating their very own Megillat Esther!

As you know, the carnival and our activities for Purim were postponed and will take place this Sunday.  Since Purim took place during our February break and many students were unable to attend our Megillah reading on Purim this past Sunday, we wanted to provide our students with the opportunity to participate in the fun we had last week.  Please join your children for our additional Megillah reading at 11 am in the Sanctuary as we celebrate Purim (again)!  Please encourage your child to come dressed for the occasion as Mordechai, Esther or any fun costume that they like.  Silly or serious, Superhero or Super Jewish Hero, all are welcome!  At 11:30, students will be able to go to the Adar-Nival where they will play games and have fun!  The Youth Group is running this fundraiser and asks that each child bring $5 to the carnival which buys them a lunch of pizza and ice cream!

By the way, if you are looking for a babysitter this Saturday evening, the Youth group will be providing babysitting from 6-10pm Saturday night, with a  suggested donation of $20 per child, snacks provided. You can sign up by emailing Youth Group director, Ana Rader at

Nancy Kahrimanis

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