Sunday, February 3, 2013

Getting thoughtful about prayers

First graders finished up their Shabbat boxes, filling them with pictues of Shabbat candles and a challah.  Students decorated their boxes with their Hebrew names, colorful paper and fun items!  Students worked in their Hebrew books, went to the library to hear the story, and read a story in class.

Our second graders were working hard on their Hebrew letters throughout the day, coloring them, identifying the letters and determining which letter would start various words!  I was most impressed when I saw students using their notes to remind them how to make letter and the sounds that they make.  They also began to talk about Purim as we will be celebrating next week (a little bit early due to vacation) and planned to make groggers!

The third and fourth graders worked with their Substitute Becca to review their Hebrew vocabulary words!  Students shared their knowledge of the words, spelled and wrote them in Hebrew, and really impressed me with their knowledge!  They also listened to Bible Stories with rapt attention and got to play Hebrew four corners!

Fifth graders practiced reading the Shema/V'ahavtah in small groups and sounded great!  Many students earned points for reading the V'Ahavtah at home to their parents.  Students also began talking about Purim and planning their activities for the holiday.  They also broke into small groups to discuss adding elements of Judaism to their big tree, determining what served as a grounding root, a stabilizing trunk, the expanding branches, and the changing leaves.  They will place the terms/elements on the tree next week.  Homework is to come up with questions to ask the Rabbi about Torahs as they will meet with Rabbi Offner this Wednesday.

Sixth graders practiced the Amidah, and got creative, with both their hands and minds by writing their own prayers.  The expressed what they were thankful and prayed for, from family to things to favorite celebrities, and made a small poster of their prayers.  By considering ways to make these prayers personally meaningful and modern, students will have a better understanding of the classic prayers they read each week in Tefillah.

Seventh graders continued watching Escape from Sobibor and worked on the Avot prayer in their companion, answering various questions about the prayer.  The kids talked about which line from the prayer was most meaningful to them and why.

Eighth and ninth graders joined the seminar on Gun Violence during their class periods.

As a reminder, we will read the Megillah next Sunday at 11 am.  Following the Megillah reading, students will be able to join the Adar-nival at 11:30.  Students should come dressed in costumes if they wish and bring $5 for the carnival/fundraiser which buys pizza and ice cream!

-Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

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