Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Torah Lesson with Rabbi Offner

Today the fifth and sixth graders met in the Sanctuary with Rabbi Offner to look at the various Torahs that we have at TBT.  Students saw the Sephardic Torah, the Torah that our congregation wrote a few years ago, and our Holocaust Torah.

After returning to their classroom, the sixth graders starting preparing for Purim by listening to the story of Purim.  The fifth graders also planned for Purim but talking about the upcoming Adarnival and planning their costumes for Sunday!

The third and fourth graders learned Hebrew vocabulary words related to Purim.  When I stopped in, the kids were telling the story using the appropriate Hebrew names and titles!  Homework is to come dressed up and to bring in Mishloach Manot to exchange in class.

Seventh graders completed their afternoon Tefillah and spent time reviewing the Kedusha in their prayer companion and then talked about Purim.  The finished the movie, Escape from Sorbibor, and discussed their reaction to the movie and planned questions to ask the Sorbibor survivor who will be joining the class in the near future!

Don't forget to come dressed up on Sunday and bring $5 for the Adarnival!

-Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

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