Monday, October 29, 2012

Religious School closed on Wednesday, October 31st

I just got word that Madison public schools are cancelled through Wednesday and therefore Religious School will be closed on Wednesday. Depending on my access due to potential power outages, I cannot promise that I will be able to report the closure through the media. Please do share this information with other Religious School families and encourage them to "like" our facebook page ( as it is the easiest way for me to communicate when there is no power. Wishing everyone a safe and easy time over the next few days. 

-Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Sunday before Sandy!

First off, I wish everyone a safe and dry couple of days as we confront Hurricane Sandy and her rain, wind and potential floods.  I hope that everyone is ready and safe during the storm.  Please be aware that if Religious School needs to be cancelled on Wednesday, you will be able to see the cancellation on this blog, the facebook page, the listserv and on the television stations, WFSB and WTNH.  If Madison public schools are closed on Wednesday, Religious School will be as well.  At this time, Madison is only closed for Monday and Tuesday.

While we were in school today wondering about the storm, we were able to complete a great deal of work.  We had two Israeli emissaries join us today and work with each grade from first to seventh!  Students got to know Assaf and Yuval by playing a few games.  We look forward to the emissaries joining us monthly for the remainder of the school year!

Yuval and Assaf

Eighth graders spent time today talking about stereotypes, gossip and the power of words, Lashon Hara.  They played telephone to see how quickly our intended words can be confused and discussed personal experiences regarding the hurtful jokes, stereotypes and comments they have heard.

The seventh grade substitute, Jill Kahrimanis, was thrilled to see her former students as she took over for Dr. Stein today.  Students continued to work on the Kiddush, talked about being involved in synagogue life after becoming B'Nai Mitzvah, read Parsha Shavuah and read the first chapter in their Holocaust book.

Sixth graders have homework to write a short, 100 word essay on "What is God to you?"  This assignment grows from their class discussion on the Amidah and the role of God as a king and a parent.  They continued on their cursive and played a game to review the letters.

Fifth grade again worked with Mr. Fischer in their Hebrew books.  Students used their UAHC Jewish Kid's Catalog books to read about the founding of the state of Israel.  Students drew maps, talked about the governmental structure and learned about compulsory military service.

The third and fourth grade continued to practiced their vowel sounds, learned how to say "storm" in Hebrew,  and had a discussion about the meaning of Tzedakah.  Their discussion of tzedakah included tie ins with Jewish laws and traditions and the notion that no matter what you have, it is your duty to give.  Homework is to practice the letters and vowels that have been reviewed in class.

The second grade finished their Noah's Ark art projects and continued to work on their Hebrew letters.  The kids really enjoyed the projects and completed beautiful work!

First graders worked in their new Hebrew text books and learned about a Jewish wedding.  Students finished building their Ark, read the story "Something from Nothing" by Phoebe Gilman and then shared what they learned from the story.  They also practiced writing their bets and vets!


Again, best wishes for a safe couple of days as we deal with this storm!  We hope to see you on Wednesday!

-Miss Nancy Kahrimanis