Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday, October 17

Students got down to work this Wednesday, spending quite a bit of time on Hebrew instruction.

The third and fourth graders practiced their Hebrew writing skills, copied down words like dag and aba, and reviewed the names of the books of the Torah.  They read the story of Cain and Abel and Noah's Ark and related the stories to the story of Adam and Eve.  Students also finished their art work based on the creation story.  Homework is to practice Hebrew writing on the homework worksheet and to correct the previous homework.

The fifth graders began working in their Hebrew textbooks, reading the Brachot n the beginning of the book. Their homework is to have parents/guardians sign a paper that each child read the payers over the correct item (bread, fruit, spices, etc.).  They also took the opportunity to meet outside for class discussion and began working on their Lifecycle curriculum.

The sixth graders continue to practice writing and reading Hebrew letters in cursive.  The cursive quiz has been moved to next Wednesday, the 24th of October.  They also continued to work through their text, "Let Freedom Ring."

This Sunday, October 21st, the 5th and 6th graders will participate in a program run by ADL based on Julia's Star.  We encourage parents to attend the event from 9:45-11:30 as well.

The seventh graders continued to study root words and prefixes, reviewed the Kiddush for Friday evening and translated Ein K'Eloheinu.  Students read and discussed this week's Torah portion, Shavuah, the Tower of Babel story and began discussing the Holocaust.

-Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

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