Sunday, October 7, 2012

Simchat Torah!

We had another busy day in Religious School!

As a quick reminder, it is important that students arrive on time for Religious School, 9:30 on Sunday mornings, 3:45 on Wednesday afternoons.  We have many activities planned for each day and it is important not only that students are there each day, but that they arrive on time so classes can start promptly.

In honor of Simchat Torah, Rick Calvert led the students in the singing of songs like Torat Chai'im and Rabbi Ben Bag Bag.  (Did you know he had a double name name?)

First and Second graders prepared for Simchat Torah by coloring, crafting, making flags and mini Torahs.  First graders learned what Simchat Torah means, as well as hakafot and sofer!  The second graders learned about two new Hebrew letters, Bet and Gimel.  They will talk about the story of creation next Sunday!

Third and Fourth graders learned about Simchat Torah and talked about the books of the Torah, known as the Books of Moses.  They broadened their base of Hebrew words by learning Mitzvah/Mitzvot, Erev, Hakafa/Hakafot, and Simcha.  Homework is to work on the two worksheets that went home today, one with questions to complete and the other has the names of the Books of the Torah on it, which the students should study.

Fifth grade finished their conversation about Sukkot.  Sixth graders began talking about their family story and the the very beginning of the story of Jews in America, starting in 1492!  For homework, the sixth graders are expected to ask their parents about their family origin.  Seventh graders reviewed their vocabulary words, practiced reading the Kiddush for Friday nights, and looked at the Breashit Torah portion in their text.  The Eighth graders engaged in discussion about Saving a Soul and how it applies to life, laws, and their own personal lives.

Following our class activities, all students joined Rabbi Offner, Cantorial Soloist Rick Calvert, Parents, Torah Reader Anne Calvert and some of the Torah Tots attendees in the Sanctuary to celebrate Simchat Torah.  The kids each received a Simchat Torah Flag, paraded around the synagogue with the Torahs, and watched as the adults unfurled the Torah.  Rabbi Offner pointed out each of the books of the Torah and Rick Calvert led everyone in rousing songs.  Anne Calvert read the last word of the Torah, Yisrael, and held her breath as she began the first work of the Torah, Breashit.  It was a fun and wonderful morning!

The day ended with yummy caramel apples!  Happy Simcah Torah!

-Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

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