Sunday, January 6, 2013

Two Oh One Three will be a great year at TBT!!!

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a wonderful winter break!  I heard about exotic trips, skiing, and people like me that took the vacation time to relax at home!  We came back to a busy day!  Yuval, one of Israeli Emissaries joined us for the day and met with the students in grades 3 though 9.  The students played a memory game with cards about locations in Israel and then used the cards they collected to plan a seven day vacation around Israel.

Rabbi Offner's confirmation class spent time talking about Jewish laws and traditions and how our beliefs relate to gun laws and the events in Newtown, CT.  The eighth graders had a similar discussion regarding gun violence and gun control.

The seventh graders practiced the Avot prayer as well as the movements the accompany the prayer.  Students were able to retake their Hebrew roots quiz today and also concluded the book of Genesis,  They recited the prayer (below) for completing a book of the Torah.  Students continued with their Holocaust study, talking about why the Jews were targeted and the story about the Escape from Sobibor.

Sixth graders had a sub and worked on the morning Kiddusha in small groups, talked about the Torahs we have at TBT, and about becoming a B'Nai Mitzvah.  Students then joined the seventh graders to meet with Yuval.

Fifth graders worked with a substitute as well.  They spent time on lifecycle events, focusing on becoming a bat or bar mitzvah.  They also continued their Hebrew work by reading the Shema and V'Ahavta.

The third and fourth grade classes have been working on learning the days of the week and the numbers 0-10.  Students are making great progress and should study for a short quiz on Wednesday on these terms!  Please feel free to use the images below of the paper the students took home to help you study!

Second graders focused on Shabbat today, talking about their Shabbat traditions, and learning from a book that Mrs. Pozzi read to the class, "A Sense of Shabbat" by Faige Kobre.

First graders worked with their substitute on the letter, Vav, and reviewed the letters Zayin and Chet.  Students were lucky enough to go to the library and hear a story from the librarian about Shabbat called "The Shabbat Box" by Lesley Simpson.  In their classroom, they began working on their Shabbat boxes.  At one point, when I walked in, the students were dancing to "Hava Negilah!"

Music was as fun and busy as always and Tefilah was wonderful!  Rabbi Offner asked all of the students with January birthdays to join her on the bimah and lead the group in reading the V'Ahavta.

We'll see you 3rd though 7th graders on Wednesday and everyone once again on Sunday the 13th!

-Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

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