Sunday, December 2, 2012

December? Already?

Though it's amazing that it's already December, we're thrilled to be getting closer and closer to Chanukkah!

Today, second graders painted their dreidel chanukiot and reviewed the prayers that was say during Chanukkah!  They also made Chanukkah cards for the their family members and had others to send to the Jewish Home for the Aged!

The first graders had a busy day of activities, learning about Chanukkah, visiting the library, practicing Chanukkah vocabulary words, and making beeswax candles for the holiday!

Fifth graders practiced the prayers for Chanukkah and continued to work on their lifecycle curriculum, talking about Jewish education and the importance of learning Hebrew.

The third and fourth grade class had a Hebrew vocabulary quiz and began working on their glittery Sivivonim (Dreidels)!  On December 16th, third and fourth graders will celebrate with special Chanukkah activities!  Details will follow soon!

Seventh graders again were translating prayers, reviewing the week's Torah portion and had a quiz on Hebrew roots.  They also practiced the Chanukkah blessings and made cards for the holiday!  As a reminder, the Holocaust Book review assignment is due on December 5th.

The sixth graders continued their Hebrew study, working on perfecting their reading skills in small groups, working with their teacher and their teacher aide.  Students also participated in discussion about the Chanukkah story and traditions surrounding the holiday.

The confirmation class covered a variety of topics in class today, while I was there, students were talking about what it's like being Jewish around Christmas time and how many things we encounter in our daily lives (like the calendar year and many sayings) are rooted in traditions that are not ours.  Students showed great maturity in sharing that they felt comfortable with who they are and their own traditions and Rabbi Offner spoke about the things that unify all of us!

The eighth grade class discussed the current/recent conflict in Israel with Hamas and how the situation has caused trauma for many children in the area.  They also read portions of Julia's Star, talking about ignorance and cultural diversity.

Music was an exciting time as well!  Though I was only able to stop in for a few minutes, but I heard an enthusiastic rendition of "I am a Latke" by Debbie Friedman and a melodious version of "In the Window" by Joe Black.  Other than the beautiful singing, I really enjoyed a side conversation I heard after the latke song among two boys who where each defending their mother's cooking ability and saying, "No, MY MOM makes the best latkes and apple sauce!"

Next Sunday is special for three reasons.  Not only is it the first full day of Chanukkah, but Parent Teacher conferences will take place next Sunday, December 9th and students will participate in a Chanukkah party with activities, crafts, games, prizes, dreidel competitions, and music!  If you haven't signed up for a Parent Teacher conference, you can contact me via email to set up a time.

Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

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