Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Final Day of Chanukkah!

It has been a pleasure celebrating Chanukkah with everyone this year!  From the first day last Sunday as we celebrated as a school, to today as classes continued with one another, it has been more fun than I can imagine!

The Confirmation Class lighting candles on the First day of Chanukkah.

And again with many more candles on the Last day of Chanukkah!  The Confirmation Class also completed a Chanukkah quiz with some rather difficult questions!  Ask your 9th grader which area of Israel produces the most olives!  (Don't worry, I wasn't sure either!)

It's been yummy too!  I've probably had more latkes this year than I have in the last five years!  (I guess that is one of the benefits of being Principal and visiting each celebration!)

Today, after completing their classroom work and after music, First and Second graders joined together to make some really incredible latkes, color dreidels, play games, and spend time together!  The kids had a blast!  Thank you to our teachers that organized the day and our parent volunteer as well!

The Third and Fourth grade class celebrated Chanukkah and had a great time!  Again, many thanks to the parent volunteers to helped make the party happen and to Ms Besser who not only knows how to throw a party, but has the best Chanukkah sweater I've ever seen!

Fifth graders were joined by a substitute as they worked on lifecycle events and Hebrew.  The students practiced their Chanukkah blessings for the last time and worked on the Yotzeir Or.  

The Sixth graders worked on Hebrew roots, reviewed homework on Al Hanisim, and had a discussion on "what is Holy."  Their homework is to read chapter 4 in their "Let Freedom Ring" text book.  This will serve to prepare them for Wednesday's lesson as they begin researching famous Jewish personalities.

The seventh grade class made flashcards and reviewed Hebrew roots as they read today.  They also practiced the Avot prayer in class, reading, translating, and interpreting the prayer as a group.

The Eighth grader discussed the famous Kitty Genovese story and talked about the bystander effect.  Students were able to engage in meaningful conversation about the roles we should play in doing what is right.

Music was a blast as each class had the opportunity to practice the songs we would later sing at Tefilah!  We had a special treat today as the third and fourth graders led us in a lively rendition of the Maccabeats, Candlelight!

Please note that 3rd-7th graders will meet for classes this Wednesday, but at the close of class, we begin our Winter Break.  Classes will resume Sunday, January 6th.  Thanks for celebrating Chanukkah with us this year!

Menorah created this past Shabbat by our young students!

-Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

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