Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All about Chanukkah!

Today was ALL about Chanukkah!

The seventh graders had their special Chanukkah party and the smell of latkes frying in the kitchen was making my mouth water the entire afternoon!  Students read and discussed the Chanukkah blessings, lit the candles and ATE LATKES!

The other students were able to meet with Assaf, the Israeli Emissary to play JEWpardy about Chanukkah!

The 3rd and 4th graders also spent time talking about Chanukkah, practiced the blessings, lit their menorah and even created a huge dreidel art piece in the hallway!

Fifth graders made a fun art project creating a menorah with their handprints!  While it was a messy project, it more than made up for the mess with all the fun the kids had completing their artwork!

Sixth graders spent time talking about miracles and how modern day miracles relate to the story of Chanukkah.  Students also practiced the Chanukkah blessings and reading Al Hanisim.  Students have homework to practice reading the first two lines of Al Hanisim until they feel comfortable.

Happy Chanukkah to everyone (however you spell it!)!  See you Sunday!

Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

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