Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chocolate Seder!

Those lucky fifth graders!  They got to participate in the Chocolate Seder today!  The sugar filled event was enjoyed by all and included marshmellow charoset, a white chocolate shank bone, carmelized chocolate covered matzah, a chocolate egg, and some celery.  (We still have some celery left over.)  Homework is to practice the V'Ahavtah and Mi Chamocha for Sunday.

The other classes had a special day too!  They were visited by the Israeli Emissary, Assaf and learned about Israeli music!  Students listened to various genres of Israeli music and even had a bit of a dance competition!

Seventh graders participated in their weekly Tefilah, finished watching the movie Defiance, and worked on their Israel Book project!

Sixth graders continued to talk about Sandy Koufax, antisemitism and responses to cruel comments.  Students also completed Hebrew reading in preparation for a quiz on Sunday.

Third and fourth graders reviewed their Hebrew vocabulary and then finished watching "The Prince of Egypt."  Their homework is to complete pages 54 and 70 in "A Better Hebrew Primer" and study their vocabulary pages in their binder.

This Sunday, our fifth graders will present during Tefillah, so please join us!

-Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

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