Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy Lag B'Omer!

Today Rabbi Offner told us about Lag B'Omer and suggested that we all spend some time outside today.  The beautiful weather cooperated!!!  I corrected some of my math tests from secular school and took my dog on a long walk down at Hammonasset State Park!  It was a beautiful day outside, but we had a beautiful day at TBTRS too!

Our first graders learned about Lag B'Omer in class and read about the Holiday.  They also decided to celebrate Yom Ha'Atzmaut today since they missed it over vacation!  Students made beautiful cards (with lots of glitter) to celebrate Israel's 65th birthday.  They also spent some time practicing their Hebrew letters enjoying a fun time in Music!

The second grade started to reflect on their amazingly busy year!  They started on the first few pages (months) of their "Second Grade Year" books!  Their day included a trip to the library where they heard the story, "It's too Noisy!" by Joanna Cole and a visit with Mr. Calvert for music!

Third and fourth graders were busy preparing for their presentation during Tefillah by practicing reading the Modeh/Modah Ani!  They also began working on the V'ahavtah!!!  Students heard about the 10 Commandments and have homework to read the 10 Commandments and draw and write their own 10 Commandments for homework.

Fifth graders finished up their study on Jewish Marriages.  Students practiced reading the Mi Chamocha and the full Kiddush for their Hebrew lesson.  Homework is to practice reading the full Kiddush for Wednesday.

Sixth grade was preparing for their presentation next Sunday, May 5th at Tefillah.  The students discussed the meaning behind the prayer, Mi Chamocha, and the origin of the prayer in class.  They also engaged in a discussion based on their homework from Wednesday, in which they were supposed to ask their parents what it means to them to be American Jews.

Seventh graders were in New York City for a field trip and I heard that they had a wonderful time!  I will fill you in once I hear more from them!  In the meantime, take a look at this picture of our students in the city!

Eighth graders had a meaningful discussion about Social Activism after watching the short documentary, "No Grapes."  I was lucky enough to participate with the class for a little while and was excited about the discussion and maturity of the students!

The confirmation class joined the Annual Meeting and were able to learn a bit about how our synagogue works!  The Annual Meeting was quite inspiring for me as I was able to stop in for a bit and saw Al Goldberg receive the K'vod award for his many years of service to TBT!  Did you know that he was a founding member?  I was most struck by his comment, "I have received more from Temple Beth Tikvah than I have given."  Having worked with him over the years, I know that Mr. Goldberg has dedicated so much of his time, intelligence and love to our synagogue.  I completely agree with his comment that we get back as much or more than we give!  I also saw TBTRS alumni Billy Chupp receive the $10,000 Friesner-Stutzman Scholarship award, given to a high school senior who has demonstrated high academic achievement, good character and a dedication to learning.  I heard a bit of the letter from Dylan Buller, last year's recipient as well!  In a few short years, our current TBTRS students will be eligible for this generous and amazing scholarship!

Best wishes to all!  See you Wednesday!

-Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Welcome back Wednesday!

I hope that everyone had a lovely vacation!  Though getting away was great, it was a joy to be back at TBTRS today, especially with the beautiful weather!

Our seventh graders completed their weekly prayer service, focusing on the Amidah.  Students finished presenting their Israel book assignment power points and watched some short videos about Israel.  When I stopped by the classroom, the children were talking about different ways that we refer to God in our prayers, Redeemer, Parent, Ruler, merciful One, etc.  Students were discussing which phrasing meant the most to them or seemed to be the most accurate way to refer to God.  This Sunday, our 7th grade class will attend a special field trip to NYC!  Please contact Dr. Stein if you have any questions!  Students had the opportunity to visit the library and Ms. DeRusha read from, "Who was the Woman Who Wore the Hat?" in honor of April, National Poetry Month.

Sixth graders were also able to attend the library to hear the poetry as well.  In class they continued with their Hebrew work, practicing the prayers for one comes up for an Aliyah.  Their study of American Jewish History moved closer to the present as students discussed what it means to be a modern American Jew.  Homework is to ask a parent, "What does it mean to you to be an American Jew?"  Students should bring their written answers in for Sunday.

The fifth graders rounded up their lifecycle study on Marriage today.  They learned about the Ketubah and what an Aufruf is and then compared older traditions to modern traditions.  Students have homework to complete the Marriage packet for Sunday.  For Hebrew review, the kids discussed how the dagesh alters the pronunciation of different letters and then they practiced reading the Mi Chamocha.

Third and fourth graders started the day by preparing for their presentation for Sunday's Tefillah service.  Students practiced reading the Modeh/Modah Ani and prepared short paragraphs about the prayer.  They also began reading the V'Ahavath!  Homework is to continue reading the V'ahavath as practice.  Ms. Besser shared that homework isn't always completed, so please make sure that you help your child practice the prayer so s/he can impress the rest of the class when they return!  Students also heard the story of Moses on Mt. Sinai.

This Sunday all of our students return to class!  As you know, the Annual meeting for TBT will take place in the morning, so be sure to join us for Tefillah at 11:30 when it is done!  Our third and fourth graders will present this week and our sixth graders will present the following week on Sunday, May 5th.

-Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Last Wednesday before Spring Break!

We've had another busy and wonderful day at TBTRS!  

Our sixth graders were able to meet with fellow sixth graders from St. George's Catholic Church in Guildford.  Students met with Rabbi Offner, spoke about their experiences and shared and asked questions of one another.  Students from both religious establishments seemed to have fun and learn about one another.

The seventh graders continued their work with their Israel projects and began to present their final digital projects.  Their power point slides and work were great!

Third and fourth graders practiced their Hebrew vocabulary words, practicing pronouncing their words, and reviewing their meanings.  Many students completed their quizzes from Sunday.  The students reviewed vocabulary words from their Hebrew Primer on page 38 (pictured below).  Students practiced the Shema and V'Ahavtah then learned about Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha'atzmaot.  Homework is to write a personal version of Modeh/Modah Ani, practice lines 6-9 in the Hebrew Primer and review vocabulary from the quiz if you still need to study.

Fifth graders were able to visit the library today and heard about Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha'atzmaot in class.  While in their regular class, students continued their work in the lifecycle by talking about marriage.  Students learned about the chuppah, ketuba, throwing sweets and various traditions related to Jewish marriage.  For Hebrew, the kids continued working with the Mi Chamocha and talked about the dagesh.  Not sure what a dagesh is?  Ask a fifth grader!

Students were lucky to see Cantor Margolius in the halls and classrooms as he came to visit and see our Religious School.  He had a wonderful time and I was proud to show off the wonderful work that our students are doing in class!

Religious School will be on Spring Break on Sunday, April 14th, Wednesday, April 17th, and Sunday, April 21st.  I will not be in the office during break, so if you have questions or concerns please contact the main office.

Seventh grade has a field trip to the Jewish Heritage Museum in New York on Sunday, April 28th.  Please contact Dr. Stein for more information or if you have questions about the trip.  Also on the 28th, the sixth graders will present during Tefillah, so please join us at 11:30 in the Sanctuary after the Annual Congregational Meeting.

Be on the lookout for next year's Registration form in the next few weeks.  Early registration will take place through the end of May, so get your registration in early!  

Have a wonderful break!  We look forward to seeing our 3rd-7th graders when we return on Wednesday, April 24th and all of our students on Sunday, April 28th!

-Miss Nancy Kahrimanis