Wednesday, May 1, 2013

First of May, Lovely Wednesday!

We had another beautiful day at TBTRS!  Our Israeli Emissary, Assaf joined us for his last day at TBT.  He played a fun concluding game with the students!

Seventh graders started their day with their Tefillah, reading the Birkat Shalom in their Hebrew book.  Students discussed their recent trip to NYC, sharing with the classmates that couldn't make the trip.  They also read from Junior Scholastic to learn more about the Middle East, understanding the conflicts and difficulties of the region.

Sixth graders spent the bulk of their day preparing for their presentation of the Mi Chamocha for this Sunday's Tefillah service.  Parents, please remember to join us for Tefillah at 11:30 to see your child in action!  Students should practice reading the Mi Chamocha for homework to practice for Sunday.  Sixth graders joined the fifth graders for the program with the Israeli Emissary.

Fifth graders were especially busy with their activities, beside meeting with the Emissary, they broke into groups to make Life Cycle skits.  They enjoyed doing their work outside!  Homework is to practice the full Kiddush.

The third and fourth graders practiced reading the V'Ahavtah and reviewed their homework of their self-created Ten Commandments.  Homework is to practice reading the V'Ahavatah, page 170 in the Hebrew text book, lines 6-13.  They also visited the library and heard the story, "Kishka for Koppel."

This Sunday we will enjoy a presentation from Joshua Nelson as part of the Phyllis Silidker Memorial Shabbaton.  Starting at 10 am he will present to our entire Religious School!  The following Sunday is our last day of Religious School and Rabbi Offner and Cantorial Soloist Rick Calvert will lead a special family service to conclude the school year.  We will also celebrate our teachers during this last day of class and hope that you will all join us as we celebrate a wonderful and meaningful year at Temple Beth Tikvah Religious School.

Registration forms will be available soon.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

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