Sunday, November 4, 2012

We've got power (by any definition)

For those of your that attended Tefilah this morning, you know what I'm talking about!  Rabbi Offner talked about various types of power that we each have...

  • Electricity- Some of us just had it return and a few of us are still waiting.  If you are still waiting for your power to return, we all wish you a speedy return of warmth and light!
  • Ability- We each have the power to do things, to make choices and enact change, to act on our convictions.
  • Political- Our government leaders have power and we have the power to select our leaders.  As you probably know, we have an election this Tuesday in which adults are able to vote for our local, state and country wide leaders.  
  • Force- We can show our force and powerful strength in sports, as we endure challenges and build our physical skills.
  • Nature- Natural forces like water, wind, and heat can change our world.  For example, the Grand Canyon was formed by water eroding the rock for years and years.
  • Internal Drive- We have personal power to do what we want and believe we should do.  The power to help or hinder others depending on our choices and actions.
Whatever you do, just remember you have a great deal of personal power.  Use it well, and like superheroes, remember that you can choose to use your power for good or evil!  Make the right choice!

Our classes were busy getting back into the swing of things!  For many students (and for myself), it was the first class that they've had since last Sunday's Religious School classes.

The first graders began talking about the Sh'ma prayer, practiced the Hebrew letters Aleph and Bet, talked about some Hebrew words (including the word for house...  ask your first grader what the word is in Hebrew), and read a story in class.  They also read the story, "The Bedtime Sh'ma" by Sarah Gershman.

The Bedtime Sh'ma

Second graders went to the Library and heard the story, "The Very Best Place for a Penny" by Dina Herman  Rosenfeld.  The students created Mitzvah Flowers which they will finish this coming Sunday, continued to practice their Hebrew letters, finished their Noah's Ark pictures and read their storybook on Hebrew letters.

Third and fourth graders had a mini-quiz on the Hebrew vowels, both their names and sounds, and played a game to review the vowels.  Students also heard the story of Lot and his wife in class, conversed about the meaning of the story and talked about Tzedakah projects for the year.  Students have homework to study and perfect their writing and practice Aleph, Bet, and the vowels.  They should also bring in cans, bottles and bottle caps for their tzedakah project.

Fifth graders spent time talking about the Jewish ramifications of the upcoming election, reading various Brachot and translating the payers by breaking words down to root words.  Ask your fifth grader to help you translate the Brachot on page 20 of their Hebrew text.

Sixth graders practiced their cursive writing, read a bit of the Amidah (which they will continue to work on this Wednesday), and read from their Judaica text, "Let Freedom Ring."  Their homework is to read chapter 3 from the "Let Freedom Ring" book.

Seventh graders reviewed and practiced the Kiddush, began working on the Amidah, finished their study of last and this week's torah portions, and read the second chapter in their Holocaust text.  Students also made cards for a student's father and discussed the notion of R'fuah Sh'leimah.


Eighth graders discussed "Survival of the Fittest" and talked about the survival of Judaism among high intermarriage rates.  Students explored dating, raising children and officiating in conjunction with this topic after playing a "Mad Lib" icebreaker.

Rabbi Offner's confirmation class discussed power in regards to Government, Business and Religion.  Their conversation led to a review of our Hebrew, lunar calendar in comparison to the Gregorian calendar that we use outside of our religious life.

Again, best wishes to everyone that is still waiting for power.  Please contact either me or Rabbi Offner if you are in need of any support or help and we will be happy to help find a way to provide resources as needed.

If you didn't see the yellow flyer that went home today, please see below for the invite for student participation in the Installation service this Friday night.

-Miss Nancy Kahrimanis

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